Our Team

 Finnell/Cabrera Birth Defects Laboratory

Richard H. Finnell, Ph.D., DABMGG

William T. Butler, M.D., Distinguished Chair

Professor, Center for Precision Environmental Health
Departments of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Molecular & Human Genetics, and Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine


Dr. Finnell's research examines the interaction between specific genes and environmental toxins as they influence normal embryonic development. While his primary research focuses on discovering the role of folic acid in the prevention of birth defects, his laboratory is also working to identify the gene or genes that determine susceptibility to human neural tube defects (NTDs) and orofacial clefts. Dr. Finnell is studying teratogenic agents, both pharmaceutical compounds and those found in the environment, that contribute to the population burden of birth defects.


Office: Neurosenory Bldg. Rm. NB437

6501 Fannin Street,

Houston, Texas 77030