Finnell Birth Defects Laboratory
Move to a New Lab Space
  July 12, 2019   Updates
The Finnell Lab has recently moved from BCM Alkek Tower to the Neurosensory Center just down the street! We are very excited to utilize our brand-new space for our research!
Recent AIDS Publication
  June 26, 2019   Paper
Congratulations to Robert Cabrera and colleagues for the acceptance of their paper, The Antagonism of Folate Receptor by Dolutegravir: Developmental Toxicity Reduction by Supplemental Folic Acid, to AIDS!
New Finnell Graduate Student
  June 7, 2019   People
Baylor College of Medicine Molecular & Human Genetics graduate student, Dharaniya Sakthivel, has joined the Finnell Lab! A warm welcome to Dharaniya!
New Finnell Graduate Student
  April 15, 2019   People
Welcoming Baylor College of Medicine Molecular & Cellular Biology graduate student, Gabriel Tukeman, to the Finnell Lab!
Rice University Interns
  June 3, 2019   People
Welcoming our wonderful Rice Univerisity Interns, Tofunmi Bamiro and Nellie Chen!
New Finnell Team Member
  July 1, 2019   People
A warm welcome to Hui Wei, who is taking on the role of Senior Research Assistant!
UT Intern
  January 2, 2019   People
A big welcome to our UT Austin intern Nikitha Bhavani!
New Finnell Graduate Student
  November 30, 2018   People
Baylor College of Medicine Biochemistry & Molecular Biology graduate student, Melody Yeo, has joined the Finnell Lab! Welcome to the team!