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The 10th International Conference on Neural Tube Defects
Held in Austin, Texas, October 1-4, 2017

Scientists and trainees from over 14 different nations participated in this biannual event showcasing the latest epidemiological, genomic, developmental biology and teratological research activities. Keynote speakers included Dr. Thomas Knudsen from the US EPA talking about the virtual embryo program, and Dr. Sergiu P. Pasca of Stanford Medical School described his work on 3D neural cultures. Dr. Edward McCabe of the March of Dimes spoke on continued folate fortification efforts in the US as well as March of Dimes research programs and priorities. Each year the Marcy Speer Award is presented to the most outstanding presentations by the trainees. This year’s predoctoral award went to Ms. Deepthi S. Vijayraghavan of the University of Pittsburgh. The award for the outstanding presentation by a post-doctoral trainee when to Dr. Youssef A. Kousa of Michigan State University.

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